We are a new organization that offers a unique combination of programs that together provide a previously unavailable map of the professional development path.


Project 20/35

Nine one-day workshops geared toward professional development

Global Competency Framework

An assessment tool to provide members with insights into key skills and competencies

Mary Ann Hynes Institute

A year-long executive leadership development program for 24 Fellows

Annual Survey of Gender and Leadership in Law Departments

A benchmark of gender diversity among direct reports to general counsel

About WIHCL:

Our integrated set of executive leadership development programs — rooted in a competencies-based framework — supplements existing leadership efforts by providing a road map for long-term career planning and professional growth. An objective assessment of skills indicates areas in need of improvement. An accompanying course book helps members prioritize their development efforts and focus discussions with their supervisors, advisors, and circles of support. Access to industry experts provides an unparalleled chance to shadow peers while walking along the development trail — not only into key leadership positions in corporate legal departments but also throughout major corporations.

Lloyd Johnson

About Lloyd M. Johnson Jr.:

Lloyd Johnson, WIHCL’s founder and executive director, is the former publisher and community leader of InsideCounsel magazine. Starting in 2009, he teamed up with InsideCounsel to create a successful set of groundbreaking programs related to talent development, collectively known as the Women Influence & Power in the Law Network. Johnson has drawn on that experience, as well as on 30 years as an attorney, a publisher, and the founder of the Minority Corporate Counsel, to create WIHCL’s unique set of integrated programs.

About Our Sponsors:

Thanks to a generous contribution from UnitedLex, the individual membership dues for women in-house counsel who signed up in 2017 to become WIHCL members were completely subsidized. In addition, we are proud to announce that UnitedLex has joined with a number of regional law firms to sponsor Project 20/35 workshops. For a complete list of sponsors, please visit the WIHCL homepage.